Why is there always something missing
Why is there always something missing

The GURU Code.

Many of my clients are just like you. Successful business owners, many holding senior Leadership roles within departments and organisations, and yet:

They want more…yes more and why not?

Do you want to: 

  • Create a life free from prolonged stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.
  • Have flexibility and control of your inner states (anxiety, stress, guilt) 
  • Want to feel good about yourself, have self-worth, and confidence. 
  • Have increased purposeful ‘head’ space, more one-to-one time, and attention to think effectively, to be able to consider options or create options, ratify your decisions, and grow. 
  • Want to feel it’s ok to be brilliant and speak up.
  • Be able to show up in front of the camera or on stage.

You so rarely allow yourself permission to entertain the possibility that any of these are even attainable for you, do you? Whose permission are you seeking?   

Are you really ready for change?

Not everyone is. Change is one of those words or concepts that can hold many fears and anxieties for you. Are you still in the ‘contemplation stage’ just playing with your potential, a bit like window shopping at the What if store

Is this your life right now?

  • You’re sick of searching for the answers in self-help guides and free webinars.
  • You’re fed up ‘feeling the fear’ and being told” just get on with it”?
  • You’ve had enough of listening to the Neigh-Sayers and ‘Doubting Thomas’ of this world.
  • Do you want answers and clarity over your thoughts and choices?

This is a 3 month, hard hitting, focused confidential and private program for serious business owners with a vision and who want to move forward, now, beyond their frustrations.

Is this how you’ve been feeling?

  • Are you lethargic, weighed down or defeated?
  • Are you noticing yourself being less empathic, short tempered or becoming ‘emotional’ quickly over something ‘trivial’?
  • Are you noticing a mental sluggishness or overshadowed by negative thoughts?

And all the while, as you battle through, you’re overcompensating by working longer hours, yet feeling unproductive or dissatisfied with your results, stuck on a hamster wheel.

You’re lacking direction or lost at a crossroads – knowing there’s a next step to take but unclear which one is right for you.

Did anyone tell you how lonely leadership and ownership could be – did they tell you they reached out and found a mentor, a thinking buddy or coach to help? You can learn to build those personal strategies and emotional resilience easier with someone.

Your body will be communicating signs to you if you are prepared to listen? A tightness in your chest? The ‘gut churning’ in reaction to your self-doubt and the inner critic challenging your ability to make ‘this’ happen?

Here are 10 habits you may recognise.

Over time we fall into subconscious acceptance of situations, behaviours, and habits. They creep up on us until we do not recognise when they started, what triggered them or what is ‘normal’.

You regularly find switching off at night difficult, despite dropping off to sleep in the armchair moments before.

You are waking in the early hours doubting your decisions and your ability to make ‘it through’.

You question your worth and value when putting yourself forward?

You find you are questioning the sincerity of positive feedback?

You’re finding connecting with others more wearing and stressful, so tend to avoid these occasions because you’re busy or notice your responses are defensive?

You want to be seen; you want people to know you are here but never quite show up how you want to?

Are you caught up in the ‘comparison trap’ – concluding that you are the only one pushing up hill?

You fear looking like a fool, falling flat on your face, losing everything you’ve worked for, so you make safer and smaller decisions?

You are looking for reasons to quit or a way out?

It’s no wonder you’re feeling like this is all ‘uphill’ and wondering if it’s really worth it?

Book a discovery call with me to see how because you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

What would stop us creating these results now?

  • You, being the director of your mission & vision.
  • You show up every day to play your best and greatest game.
  • You, taking confident steps in the direction you want to go.
  • Your decisions being made competently with an unshakeable confidence.
  • You, accepting and seeking every opportunity which is offered without permission and hesitation.
  • You, owning all the tools, skills, and knowledge to motivate yourself to respond to all events with a flexible mindset.
  • You, knowing intrinsically you are the right person for the job
  • Your leadership is fearless and grounded
  • Your questions becoming bigger because your outcomes are greater.
  • Your diary is full of events offering you the stage to be the expert
  • You, enjoying being seen.
  • You inspire innovation in others.

 … it’s in the moment of decision your destiny is shaped. Tony Robbins

Clear your mind and let go of mental blocks and obstacles and go direct to your success.

You want more out of life – good for you.

I work exclusively with people like you who have a zest for life. You want every drop of juice from the lemons of life. You know there’s a bigger game inside of you and you want to make a bigger impact in life. You wouldn’t be here or in your business if this wasn’t true. Something’s holding you back – and you want to conquer it, once and for all.  

Whilst many coaches retreat to the impersonal, ‘one-size-fits-all’ also known as ‘cookie cutter’ models for coaching. I believe in deep, long-lasting changes which comes from the power of in-depth 1:1 connection.

Has 2020 stopped you in your tracks? 

2020 has seriously delivered everyone, and I mean everyone, no exceptions, some powerful lessons to learn about ourselves. When you add that on top of the already pressured working and social life you lead, is it any wonder you can feel overwhelmed by the chaos, the responsibility to get things right, ever increasing expectations from others not to put a foot wrong? Perhaps you feel like hiding rather than put a huge amount of work in for it to all prove futile. Were you wrong to follow this path?

I feel the struggle because I had the struggle…

After a career spanning 26 years working with the human mind and resulting behaviours, both as a nurse and manager; seeing and treating people from every walk of life under the prestigious flag of the NHS. Picking up, unravelling, and putting back together the pieces of people’s lives after they had; given up, burnt out, experiencing exhaustion, brow beaten by pressures or responsibility. Feeling useless and hopeless following the loss of everything they have built; that I stepped out of my safe, comfortable and well-paid career to take up the gauntlet to prevent our hard working intrapreneur’s and business owners from falling foul of a life half experienced.   

Real, lasting change rarely happens by accident and is not always easy on your own. Success is personal and something you must define. It is so often missing from your plans because that amount of clarity can raise deeply held beliefs around self-doubt and self-worth. But I can help you release your blocks so you can reach your success if you’re ready to do the work.

This programme is right for you if you are:

An intrapreneur and or a leader in business, with a passion and drive for greater personal satisfaction and success in your world.

If you feel trapped by frustrations, mental blocks, and feelings of disconnect with your desired outcomes

If you have the courage and you’re willing to stop making excuses.

You are committed to do whatever it takes to uncover the cause, find the solution, and act.

How do I know this programme will work?

Because you’ve done with the other stuff. You’re frustrated with absorbing the endless free advice from the numerous, generic, self-help books which just confirm what you already know, and you are looking for bespoke answers for your specific circumstances.

Because if you have read this far you’re prepared to take yourself to the next stage, away from mediocrity and being the effect of life to managing your mind powerfully and effectively, to being the cause of your life.

I am looking for people who want to work on the route cause. On this program you will be seeking ways to release the old thinking and beliefs to move forward rapidly by learning and understanding how to reframe your thought, reprogram your responses and manage your own mindsets for a life free from prolonged stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

The coaching programme itself?

Over 3 months, you will work with me to firstly isolate, then understand – and finally banish – the blocks that stop you from achieving your goals.

You will work on:

How to create the right mindset for the identified situation in hand, so you can break free from mental chaos and confusion it’s causing you.

I will teach you to understand how you perceive your situations and the impact on your emotional state and performance. You will learn how to alter these perceptions, so you’re no longer feel overwhelmed and stressed by them

I will teach you how to grow in confidence and leadership of yourself, so your life is free from anxieties and frustration

Be prepared to feel the difference, to think differently and for others to notice you responding differently. 

What the next 3 months will look like for you:

No two people are the same, so your coaching programme shouldn’t be an off-the-peg, one-size-fits-all, also known as the ‘cookie cutter’ approach.

This is where my programme differs from others on offer. It’s designed to fit around you and your specific needs.

Over the next 3 months, we’ll really focus down on the main block and work through 4 main topics, so you have the tools you need to move beyond it and into your success. By the end of the programme you will have:    

  1. A clear plan how to move forward and away from the mental block.  Identifying your starting point, and assessing the direction, results, and expectations you have for the programme.
  2. We will search not only to identify the blocks but understand the block and how it was created, for what purpose, and how we can repurpose it for your benefit.
  3. We will look at how you think; what your thinking pattern is impacting on your performance and working from a strengths-based philosophy you will create new thinking strategies.
  4. We will look at how you see yourself and what matters to you. 

Getting you the results, you crave is my greatest strength.

To achieve our objectives, we’ll focus on an agreed outcome, from the outset.

We will speak one-to-one twice a month in ‘two-hour’ focused sessions. Be under no illusions, I do ask tough questions aka ‘the wrong questions’! but for ALL the right reasons. The combination of coaching, (which allows you to grow and seek your own answers) and mentoring (which is far more directed, where I may suggest the meaning or solution), works powerfully in getting transformational breakthroughs. 

This isn’t a form of Counselling. Why not? Because you’re not ill, nor are you broken! Your mind and you when working together is incredible.

In between our calls there will be practical ‘exercises’ for you to implement as well as some written. These will all be assigned to support the outcome of our sessions and practiced with feedback on results expected at the following session. This is to ensure we get the most out of our investment in each other.

You will also have access to unlimited ‘lifeline’ messaging where you can send questions, raise concerns to me via ‘WhatsApp’ and that I will respond to within 2 working days.  

Who will benefit?

It would be phenomenal to accept you onto one of my 121 programs but only when you are ready to challenge yourself, now, here’s what you need: 

  • The willingness and courage to invest in yourself, time, money, and emotion.
  • To risk upsetting the familiar status quo.
  • The commitment to attend ALL planned calls, put in the extra time outside of these and come prepared for each session. 
  • A willingness to be coachable, to share and communicate openly to achieve our intended outcome.
  • A willingness to implement change and to learn from your results.
  • A willingness to be stretched and called to account.

What will you need to invest?

  • 24 hours of your focused time over 3 months
    + 3 full months of determination to implement consistently all the changes necessary.
  • Financially your investment for this programme is:

    £750 inclusive and paid in full.


    £290 per month inclusive paid in 3 instalments.

This is for the full 3-month package or 12 weeks which starts on the date of our first session.

The moment you sign up, we book your first call and get to work on establishing where you are now and the mission together with an exact plan how we will make it happen. 

Let’s see if we are the force to be reckoned with! Shall we?