The Unseen Business Leader

Based on the answers you chose in this quiz; it’s very likely you would relate to ‘The Unseen Business Owner’.

Hiding your true brilliance and expertise from sight, unwittingly stifling your business progress waiting patiently and politely for your turn.


You are not afraid of hard work and can often be found working harder than the rest of the team, picking up the slack. Putting the extra hours in and tidying up and doing the last-minute checks. You wouldn’t dream of asking someone else to do a task you weren’t prepared to do.

You are extraordinarily good at networking but on reflection your efforts are weighted too heavily in favour of others. Boosting their profile and praising their business process and success. In fact, you might go as far as to say you avoid ‘blowing your own trumpet’ at the risk of being criticized as self-important or judged as being arrogant.

Its important to you, as much as you don’t publicly admit it, to be seen as valuable, diligent, successful, and the expert in your field whilst maintaining the friendly, unassuming, and supportive demeanour. You always go the extra mile for others and in return you like to think they would do the same for you. In fact, this recognition is high prized by you. So, when it is not reciprocated you can take it to heart.

Do you see posts on social media and have an opinion which you are itching to make, but instead you hold back, anxious in case you upset someone?


If you recognise any of these traits in you, it is very possible that you find yourself exhausted at the end of the week, possibly even dreading Monday morning.

You shudder at the thought of asking someone to buy from you. The lack of awareness in your own value will not just prevent you from showing up and demonstrating what you can deliver, but it will drive you too often over-deliver and undercharge as if to compensate for any ‘short falls’ you perceive you have.

The unseen business owner finds negative feedback as a personal rejection and failure. This can lead to procrastination and missed opportunities whilst you are striving to make sure everything is just perfect before you take action. Often you can find yourself running a negative scenario in your head before picking up the phone.


Tolerance for failures is a very necessary part of your growth. Without it you won’t gain. Getting stuck in old setbacks is going to be where you need to start.

The comfort zone we all talk about in jest is actually, ‘the killing fields of dreams. It takes Courage to be imperfect and as Brene Brown suggests ‘courage is a rebellion’ So start a rebellion of trust in your own company.

1 Start by becoming aware of how your body posture changes when you are under ‘threat’ or ‘pressure’

2. Go to YouTube and watch Power Poses

3. Listen to the language you use when you are talking about yourself. Is it as helpful as it could be?


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