The Unfulfilled Business Leader

Based on the answers you chose in this quiz; it’s very likely you would relate to ‘The Unfulfilled Business Owner’.

The more successful you are the more fulfilment matters.


You’ve got the vision; you’ve got the desire and boy don’t you know your stuff. but your lack of confidence in who you are and what really matters to you is taking your joy. How you want to be seen and viewed by others is really holding you back.

Was there a time where you ever felt you were enough or what you did was ever enough?

Often when feeling unfulfilled by your achievements it will come down to them not ‘meaning’ anything to you. I often refer to this as living on borrowed dreams, because you can find yourself looking for external approval to boost your confidence.

You can find yourself being very harsh with your criticisms, of how fast you are developing your business and your performance. You wake up in the early hours sweating over losing what you’ve already got and wondering if you have got it in you to keep going. Was it just luck that’s got you to here, what if luck runs out and everyone sees who you really are? Are you a fraud?

Sometimes its not about what you are doing but who you are doing it for. This was certainly true about one client I had. Due to the success of their business, they felt they couldn’t change their model and work with clients who share their values.

So ultimately, they quashed their values to keep the clients happy. This meant everyday they hated being in business, because they felt they were being disingenuous. They dreaded Monday mornings and blamed their business for their lack of energy, ‘mojo’ and reoccurring health issues. Rather than the reality being the choices they were making.


It is beyond easy to lose confidence in yourself, in what you are doing and who you are doing it for. When you listen to everyone around you saying how wonderful their business is you fear you are doing something wrong.

Don’t fall into the compassion trap. Just because everyone else says running their business is like the perfect version of the Hero’s Journey, scratch the surface and you will discover they have their challenges too.


Are you really feeling unfulfilled with your business or is there something else being hidden? You are not in a competition with your business. Your business is ultimately a reflection of you. You are your competition. Don’t sabotage yourself and your success.

Remember things don’t have to be hard for them to be more valuable. And yes, you do deserve your success.

Here are 3 tips you may want to try.

  1. Consider finding a quiet place with a note pad and reviewing your bigger vision. Write it out in full.
  2. Notice how you feel when you look at the vision and what difference it will make to you and those around you.
  3. Now ask yourself who do I have to become to achieve this vision. How does this person think? Write it down and come back to it as often as you need to until it no longer feels alien to you.


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