Why is there always something missing
Why is there always something missing

The GURU Code.

What’s missing from your combination?


This is a 3 month, hard hitting, focused confidential and private program for serious business owners with a vision and who want to move forward, now, beyond their frustrations.

We have all chosen the life we are currently leading. The life you are living is a reflection of your past experiences and events.

We have all developed a code or a sequence through which we live, behave and believe. To stay ahead of the game, we must know ourselves our own code for being us. Knowing this code and being able to alter it on command is personal power.

All of my clients are just like you. Discerning, hardworking and successful business owners and they know what they want, yet: 

My clients come to me because…

  • They have responsibility for difficult decisions and need a professional, confidential safe space to discuss their thoughts and options. 
  • They have interrupted sleep patterns due to overthinking. 
  • They recognise they procrastinate over decisions because they fear rejection.
  • They know their frustration is impacting relationships, both professional and personal.
  • They find social engagement and networking difficult and awkward, so they avoid some of the most vital referral and customer routes.
  • They feel guilty investing in their business in case it fails. 

Is the GURU Code right for you? 

Yes, if you are…

  • In business, with a passion and drive for greater personal satisfaction and success in your world. 
  • If you feel trapped by frustrations, mental blocks, and feelings of disconnect with your desired outcomes 
  • If you are ready to stop making excuses. 
  • You are committed to do whatever it takes to uncover the cause, find the solution, and act.

The coaching program itself?

Over 3 months, you will work with me to refocus on where you are at now and what direction you are heading. 

We then go on to explore the blocks which are on this same path and trajectory, isolating them, ready for the work to remove them. 

You will work on what I call the basics of self-leadership.

#How to create the right mindset for the identified situation in hand.

#I will teach you to understand how to repair your relationship with yourself.

# you will learn how to alter perspective, so you’re no longer overwhelmed and less stressed.

#I will teach you how to grow in confidence and the leadership of yourself.

What the next 3 months will look like for you: 


No two peoples need are the same, so your coaching programme shouldn’t be an off-the-peg, one-size-fits-all, also known as the ‘cookie cutter’ approach. 

The GURU Code is designed to deliver methodology which relates to you and your specific needs. 

Over the next 3 months, we’ll really focus down on the main block and work through the 4 pillars of The Guru Code, so you have the tools you need to move beyond and into your success. By the end of the programme you will have: 

Liz Smith

  1. A clear plan how to move forward and away from the mental block as a result of identifying your starting point, and assessing the direction, results, and expectations you have.
  2. The skill to understand your block, how and when it was created, for what purpose, and how we can repurpose it for your benefit is transformational.
  3. Greater clarity on how to change your negative thinking; you have insight into your automatic thinking pattern and its impact on your performance.
  4. Increased confidence and courage to be the cause of your results. It’s such a powerful position to be in.
What's included in this live event
What's included in this live and immersive one day retreat for the business minds.

To achieve our objectives, we’ll focus on an agreed outcome, from the outset. 

We will speak one-to-one every 3 weeks for a fearless focused session. Be under no illusions, I do ask tough questions aka ‘the wrong questions’! but for ALL the right reasons. The combination of coaching, (which allows you to grow and seek your own answers) and mentoring (which is far more directed, where I may suggest the meaning or solution), works powerfully in getting transformational breakthroughs. 

This isn’t a form of Counselling. Why not? Because we are not here to stay in the past but to make today powerful and tomorrow extraordinary.

In between our calls or in-person appointments at The Hygge Hut you will be expected to take action using your new ways of thinking. Your progress and outcomes will inform each new session so momentum and change is realised. My mission is to ensure you get the most out of our investment in each other. 

You will also have access to unlimited ‘lifeline’ messaging where you can send questions, raise concerns to me via ‘WhatsApp’ and that I promise to respond within 1 working days.  

 … it’s in the moment of decision your destiny is shaped. Tony Robbins

Liz Smith

What is your decision?

Self-leadership is where it all starts. So do you have… 

  • The willingness and courage to invest in yourself, time, money, and emotionally.
  • To risk upsetting the familiar status quo aka ‘comfort zone’. 
  • The commitment to attend ALL planned calls, put in the extra time outside of these and come prepared for each session. 
  • A willingness to be coachable, to share and communicate openly to achieve our intended outcome.
  • A willingness to implement change and to learn from your results.
  • A willingness to be stretched and called to account for yourself.

What will you need to invest?

Your time set aside and prioritised for complete focus on you over the 3 period
+ 3 full months of determination to implement consistently all the changes necessary.

• Financially your investment for this programme is:

£400 per month.
£950 when paid in full.

This is for the full 3-month package or 12 weeks which starts on the date of our first session.

The moment you sign up, we book your first call and get immediately to work on the exact plan of how we will make it happen. 

Let’s see if we are the force to be reckoned with! Shall we?

Full Course payment £950:

3 Monthly Payments of £320:

To split your payment into three monthly instalments, please complete the form and we will contact you to setup your preferred payment method.