Why is there always something missing
Why is there always something missing

The Fire Starter Session


Easing the challenges of business growth

I am going to take you from indecision, performance fatigue, self-doubt and fatigue…

Focused, confident and courageous with a burning desire to take action.

Only £197

What is locking you in place?

Something is on your mind? Do you have an idea, a plan, and a burning desire you want to get off the starting blocks? Is it frustrating the hell out of you not knowing where to start?

Are you finding lots of things not to do? Are you blaming time for not moving forward?

Just sitting there thinking about it, won’t make it happen.

Are you feeling like you’ve lost your steam, all consumed by confusion, indecision, fear, and without traction?

You already know in your gut what is stopping you from doing it. What is that self-doubt about?

What is the inner critic telling you?

Remember I am going to help you move beyond all this. It’s my job!


Do you really want success or are you happily avoiding it?

You keep talking about your plans. Thinking about and wishing things into fruition.

You along with many others just need to re-establish your self-leadership. Connect with your vision to establishing the traction, clarity, and confidence to move forward.

Why not stop finding excuses and identify actions.

If this sounds like you book your session today and let’s fan the flames for your future triumph.

Only £197

Success is unlikely to happen by accident. It takes attitude.

The Fire Starter Session is an intensive and focused session to ignite the mindset and actions of self-leadership and the fire of inspiration and clarity under your ideas.

This is an on-demand highly impactful session is conducted online 121, normally via Zoom or Teams.

It is a unique occasion for you to have professional, 121 space, in confidence to explore your thoughts, plans, and challenges.

This is your exclusive opportunity to test out your theories with someone who will offer you objective opinions.

Who will challenge your assumptions and explore your values and beliefs behind what has stopped you from moving forward?

Your session will focus on curating fresh and inspired thinking with the actions to match and follow.


Business Ownership can be a lonely, high pressured and isolative.

The onus of success being on solely on you. When you’ve experienced those insecurities that keep you from having a restful sleep.

Or you’ve felt the walls are closing in due to the overwhelm of accountability. Who do you turn to, to shed the weight?

Is it any surprise that as a business owner with all the demands placed firmly in your lap, that you can find it hard to pin-point just where you are getting stuck? Well, you really aren’t on your own and it’s why this Service exists. Because when you want the support, you want it now, don’t you?

Only £197

What’s the answer?

Imagine a stick floating down a river and it gets stuck on the debris near the embankment. It doesn’t need a lifetime of rescue or therapy; it just needs a little nudge to get free. I heard this analogy about 5 years ago and it stuck with me.

It’s the same in business. We can get stalled or tangled in the weeds and chaos. All too often all we need is a firm nudge in the right direction.

To create an effective and lasting fire that produces heat and not smoke, you will need 3 necessary ingredients of the ‘fire triangle.’

For a fire to naturally occur, we need oxygen, fuel, and an ignition source. Combined correctly a fire naturally occurs. Let’s breathe life back into your business by creating the same explosive combination.


Just some of the words used to sum up the experience of working with me.

“got to the core very quickly”

“falling into place”

“Positive experience”


“more confident”

“I feel in control”

“I have action points”

The Guru Company. Elizabeth Smith
This is me, Liz. I will be your coach and I am here to help you unlock your business brilliance.

Step One

Book a Free Clarify Call to discuss your needs.

Step Two

Pay the £197 fee and confirm the date and time of your Firestarter session.

Step Three

You will be sent a pre session questionnaire to complete to help us frame our session so we can go deep and stay on point.