The Ambiguous Business Leader

Based on the answers you chose in this quiz; it’s very likely you would relate to ‘The Ambiguous Business Owner’.

Your true brilliance and expertise are locked down and being diluted by your incredible agile, entrepreneurial mind.

You seek success and love the freedom of choice and flexibility your business promises, but in reality, you can feel overwhelmed by the number of ideas and the endless to do lists needing completion.

Life is never dull around you, and you are motivated by change and lit up by new opportunities.

You may find people let you down or ‘fall short’ of your expectations. And find it hard to accept that no one else is as excited or as committed as you are.

Despite hiring people to help you, feeding the system is not an enjoyable task because maintenance is not your thing! These tasks often slip from you mind and placed last on the to-do list. The plans start well, and you are totally committed but despite your initial excitement and commitment, you find you get distracted before you complete your mission. You then find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the demands you face. can’t manage the workload of others effectively’.

In relationship, both professional and personal, you can feel dismissed. And your efforts undervalued and unappreciated.


Your danger zone is becoming so busy, juggling multiple demands of what would appear to be of equal importance. Burn out from disturbed sleep and self-doubt is lurking in the wings.

You start to isolate yourself and people around you keep their distance. Whether you recognise it in your professional relationships or personal the constant changes of direction can leave people feeling insecure and fatigued. They may report the inconsistencies are too much and ‘you change the goal posts’ and ‘nothing is ever finished’.

People can absolutely misunderstand your passion and energy for being critical, pushy and find the constant ideas for change exhausting. This results in resistance in others and at time fraught exchanges of words, which you find difficult to accept and feel people are being difficult.


Don’t be afraid to slow things down. Block out time now in your diary to work on getting clarity in what you want to really achieve and do this regularly regularly to keep you on track.

Communicating your vision is key and will bring about a calmer and more consistent life. It is key to not losing yourself or those important people who you are working so hard for.

The phrase ‘work smarter not harder’ was probably written with you in mind and clarity is the way forward to achieve….

3 Tips you may find useful to try.

  1. Review your Vision and goal you want to achieve. Make sure it is in writing and displayed. This is your North Star by which every new initiative will be put to see its true value.
  2. At night write out 5 non-negotiable things you will complete the following day which move you closer to your vision and goals.
  3. Every morning book out 15 minute of CEO time. Protected time to think about how you are going to focus on the day.


Take advantage now to book a consultation to review your specific results and how they are impacting on your business.

It’s complimentary and without obligation. 30 minutes could just put you in a really strong position for moving ahead.