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(Ep 17) Are you easily derailed from reaching your goals?

You can’t avoid the conversations around goalsetting at this time of year. It’s a bit like trying to ignore the Christmas jingles in every shop.

For many, the thought of planning and goal setting is an eye-wateringly painful and dull prospect because you are, as a business leader and entrepreneur, creative and innovative, which means you want to just go. But it also means you are quite often a starter, and maybe not a completer.

In this episode, I share an alternative approach to SMART goals.

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(Ep 16) Managing the Energy Drain

Are you drained in your business?

It’s a cutting question, isn’t it?
Have you felt like you’re walking through mud recently. If you have you aren’t on your own. Several people have said they’ve felt ‘meh’ this month.

No matter how in love you are with your business it doesn’t mean you have immunity to having the soul sucked from you. It’s how it feels sometimes.

You roll over in bed and even that feels like a mission in itself, despite the stunning sunrise.

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(Ep 15) Business Is Simple

The only journey is the one within” is a quote by Rainer Maria Rilke – a German poet.

Stay with me on this one because I can almost see your eyes rolling as I write the quote! Let’s start then with a pretty bold statement to get those synapses firing up.

BUSINESS IS SIMPLE. How is that for bold and brassy? When you think of all the efforts you’ve put in already, into building, crafting, and delivering your business, has it been simple? Business is simple, but it’s being in business that is less simple.

Could you write down a clear process/strategy to build a mirror business? I bet you could. Being in business is the human element of the process. Now that is where simplicity can often end. That’s you being the Business leader.

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(Ep 14) Mastering Overwhelm for the Business Owner

Today we’re talking about the challenges small business owners face and how they can manage overwhelm. Overwhelm was the front-runner in a poll I took on one of my social media platforms, so I am confident that this podcast will be valuable.

Even if you are in a good place currently, you know how business goes, it ebbs and flows doesn’t it….so to have something in your back pocket will be reassuring. And even better if we can put a strategy that circumnavigates the need for it to arise. 

If we don’t know each other yet, my name is Liz Smith. Proud owner, and founder of The Guru Company where my focus is on growing you, resourcing you, discovering new personal performance levels, and becoming the powerful resilient business leaders your business deserves. 

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(Ep 13) Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

Business leadership is always about keeping your eyes on the prize. So this month was very much inspired by the doom and gloom over the economy and Her Majesty’s passing. Both I feel have brought out some very deeply held defeatist beliefs on one hand and on the other very inspiring and heroic attitudes.

Not only is the weather changing but there’s a shift in our familiarity and norms. “Your focus is controlled by the questions you are posing. If you find you are unfocused, the faster solution to regain it is to change your questions”. Language, whether speaking aloud or that internal conversation you have with yourself has the POWER to change your life. And that is no exaggeration. A defeated mind is a lost life. As Jim Rohn said ‘The wind will always blow, you just have to get better at setting your sails

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(Ep 12) Borrowed Visions

The topic for our de-brief is ‘borrowed visions’. This was August’s publication of The Monthly Musings from The Hygge Hut. Each publication is delivered by email on the last Sunday of the month. You will be most welcome to join other thought leaders and receive your future copies before they hit the website, just pop over to httsps//theguruco.co.uk and sign up for The Monthly Musings.

Let’s start at ‘blazing a trail’ This if you were honest s what you really want, isn’t it? It’s certainly what I want and I make no bones about it. But before you raise from your seat and say that’s just ‘arrogance’ or ‘conceited’ or ‘egotistical’ it all comes down to the question ‘for what purpose’ You see my greatest value I hold, is to make the most out of this life and squeeze the very last drop of juice from the lemon.

Showing others they can do the same. To inspire people, business owners, and leaders to do the same. No one should live a half-life. You may be one of the millions of leaders and business owners who are inadvertently following someone else’s blaze and ‘borrowing their vision’. I know I did for years. My hope is that this brings you some value by raising your interest in how you are leading yourself and what you chose to have in your life.

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(Ep 11) Leading with courage in business 

If you don’t feel courage is a necessary asset in business leadership then this is not for you.

So many of us get stuck at points in our lives, careers, and businesses. Not moving forwards or letting go of something that’s not working because of hidden fears.
With overwhelming fears of self-doubt, failure, and guilt often driving our behaviours and decisions. Leading us into half-lives and the ‘almost made its wall of fame’.

In these 13 minutes, we simply break down the immediate and unconscious responses we often go through when we are seeking courage. It’s when we are presented with a challenge that stretches our comfort zone we can disappear down a rabbit hole.   

Courage is an empowering and powerful emotion to feel. We all want to lead a courageous and full life especially when you are leading your business to success.

It’s a simple concept but one I invite you to think about adding and adapting to fit your needs.

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(Ep 10) Change Fatigue

Mindset mastery for business leaders, but what does it mean.

Would you resonate with the term ‘change fatigued’? Anyone who has known me over the years will know that I love change. I love a clean sheet of paper, a new diary, and a good mind mapping or storming session to challenge the status quo. But after the past 24 months who could blame you if you answered yes to this question. Is it change that has worn you down or the speed at which change has happened? Or perhaps have you considered it might be the lack of choice and control over the changes that have become tiresome. Change fatigue is resistance or passive resignation to uncertainty. The term is most often used when talking about employees and organisational change. But what about us. Is it a new phenomenon to use the term for business leaders and owners? Have we been forgotten? In this episode, I want to introduce you to a new perspective for viewing your plans for the years ahead. A way that has in the past years served me well and continues to help me maintain my resilience.

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(Ep 9) Mindset Mastery

Mindset mastery for business leaders, but what does it mean.

You will have seen and heard of mindset mastery being bandied about on just about every social media platform. It’s become a bit of a buzzphrase. Along with many other fashionable terms such as ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellbeing’ both of which in my opinion are just two of the positive by-products of mindset mastery. It can feel too out of reach for the business owner, amongst all the other seemingly more important pressures in everyday business, and becomes like white noise.

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(Ep 8) Natural Leadership

When you lead with Natural Leadership you will discover a whole new world of influence.

This topic has been burning away in my subconscious for weeks now. And I won’t lie to you, it could even be months since I was asked…“What do you mean when you say, Natural leader” Liz?

This will sound strange to people who know me. But even more so to me, hearing myself admit to my procrastination aloud!

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(Ep 7) Your Journey from Fear to Freedom in business

Your journey from fear to freedom in business is not always one of comfort but it is exciting.

When you choose to take that journey or join the journey from fear to one of freedom, it will change your life and business.

I was listening to a Podcast probably about a year ago and the speaker Bedros Keuilian suggested a question to ask yourself to test where you were on the spectrum between Fear and Freedom?…….. 

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(Ep 6) Mental & Emotional Resilience in Business

Mental and emotional resilience in business is so often seen as the same things but spoken about as if they were one and the same. They are without doubt seamlessly interlinked but are two distinct human processes.

In leadership and as a business owner, how often do you feel deflated and at times rejected? Waking up at 3 am still asking yourself “what am I missing”?

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(Ep 5) Empty Victories

This month we take on the leadership challenge of empty victories. 
This podcast has been developed and written for those of you who recognised your life or career, however successful, is littered with what I call empty victories. Being successful or even affluent does not prevent or protect you from the emptiness of feeling unfulfilled.

I have included 2 suggestions of how to create emotional resilience around experiencing the emptiness and pain of being left unfulfilled. It touches on your identity and finding your value in what you are doing.

Listen to learn more about how you can become more aware of its impact.

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(Ep 4) Increase your business success through leadership

Leadership in business = increasing the odds in your favour.

Look at any successful business person and you will find leadership running through their veins. Every business owner needs leadership skills in order to run a successful enterprise of whatever size.

Listen to learn more about how you can become more aware of its impact.

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(Ep3) Yes Your Mind Does Need Exercise

As Leaders in business, it is not enough to have physical energy and strength, It’s not enough to have knowledge and skills. The true success of our leadership comes from our mindsets. It does govern our approach to the task at hand, our attitude to those around us, and the decisions which need to be made? 

Your mindset is your highest value business asset, you are leaving money on the table by ignoring it. The no1 reason for business owners to shut up shop and leaders to quit is due to their mindset.

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(Ep2) Mind Tuned for Business

Everything starts with a thought and what better way to change your mindset than changing the language of the question.

So here we go …

How frustrating are you? No, it’s not a typo! It is not how frustrated are you! The latter is way too easy to answer and will have the potential to create a ‘woe is me’ conversation. Not because we don’t care about how you are feeling but it will not create the mindset to lead ourselves and our business.

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(Ep1) Is Your Ego Big Enough For Business?

Too many business minds are killing their most valuable asset. Embarrassed or quite frankly ashamed of being recognised as having a big ego. 

In this first episode we explore what it is about the ego which so many of us pull away from. We look at ways to get over yourself and check in with how we are deploying our ego  to enhance our business mindset and leadership of ourselves.

Music by www.bensounds.com

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