NLP Practitioner



This training offers a Personal and Professional opportunity for those who want more depth and flexibility of skills and knowledge. It is for those who have discovered the freedom curiosity can offer towards success. For those who are excited to find excellence in themselves and others. No formal experience is necessary.Those working in the field of Business Coaching, Sports Coaching, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, employees, Teachers, Health Professionals, if fact anyone seeking advancement in their professional and personal life will profit enormously from this course.

AWARDS :Formal certification entitles you to membership of the National Association of NLP (the ANLP in UK) and Graduate Membership of INLPTA.


This training includes 1 day of assessment which will enable practitioners to use NLP techniques for business or personal development and counselling if required.

 INLPTA STANDARDS:16 days (130 hours tuition in the formal classroom setting with some home study) delivered 1 weekend per month over 8 weekends in total.

NVESTMENT:£1,200 inclusive of all course materials, refreshments and a light lunchIf you are booking this course after undertaking the Diploma Course with GURU and its within 12 months the course is discounted by £200.00

COURSE CONTENT:Revisit diploma course content Learn skills in dealing with phobias and fears, Habit busting – smoking, over eating Goal setting Timeline work Strategy work figuring out how we trip ourselves up and forming new strategies for success. Increase your personal performance and charisma presentation skills, public speaking. Management of your own personal state.