NLP Foundation Diploma

You will become your own coach and GURU.

Course Details


INVESTMENT: £250.00 FULLY INCLUSIVE OF COURSE MATERIAL with REFRESHMENTS AND LUNCH AWARD: a certificate of achievement is awarded on successful completion of the full 30 hours  of the course. 

What to expect?

*You will fully understand of what exactly NLP is, the creation and history of NLP.

*We will discuss and experience its application and effectiveness on ourselves and what we bring to the course.

*We will practice and gain the skills to set well formed effective and practical goals and outcomes which sets us up achieve the things we what in our lives and future.

*Its by learning how your thoughts effect the way you behave and the connection between mind and body including our physical health, we will become skilled in changing our own performance, both in life and at work. 

*We will discover how we store unconscious thoughts, altering and impacting on our perceptions and outlook of the our world.

*Discover skills to calm and control unwanted feelings of emotional flooding.Practical and theoretical learning tailored to you. Relationship building and how to gain rapid rapport with those around us. And so much more.