Networking your way to new heights

Success in sales and network marketing

Network Marketing is not easy but it is simple. Regardless of where you are in your business this course will help you identify areas in which you need to grow.Study the psychology of sales, how to use NLP in business whilst mastering the language of influence. 

Make rapid connections and build real lasting relationships with your team and customers for the ultimate road to success.Take away skills from exclusive level leader Hannah Routledge in how to grow and sustain a multi-million pound network marketing business.

 This course is not company specific so suitable for all entrepreneurs.

 INVESTMENT: £75 Includes follow up call and opportunity to book further coaching at attractive prices

ASUBSIDY AND DISCOUNT; This course attracts a 10% discount for all level Younique Presenters on booking. 

10% NHS employee discount also available, please enquire

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