Mindset coaching for you and your business

What is mindset coaching and what does a mindset coach do?

In a way, all coaching is geared to altering of perception and attitude, therefore mindset coaching is an umbrella term, because it’s a process of rewiring the mind help people release old and unhelpful attitudes and beliefs which prevent them from playing their best game and showing up as themselves.

Coaching helps you understand what success means and looks like to you so you can recognise what is necessary to develop your success mindset.  We will give you the skills to:

  • Become extraordinarily clear about what you want.
  • Review where you are now and the actions you’ve taken so far.
  • Create and discuss ideas for action.
  • Agree a plan of implementing these actions.

The difference with mindset coaching is that in addition to the above, a mindset coach will also help you to discover your patterns of thinking, how these drive your beliefs, which result in your behaviours, habits, and the blocks that may be preventing you from creating the business that you desire.

A business mindset coach doesn’t have all the answers, nor do they understand the intricacies of your business, but I have the skill to ask ‘the wrong questions’, intuitive and compelling questions that create the curiosity in you to search and discover the answers within yourself. It’s quite common for my clients to be ‘stuck’ in a behavioural loop of destructive behaviour or one that is comfortable and avoids challenges or taking any risk, let alone making significant changes. I help them to see this behaviour and the effect that it is having on themselves and their businesses. We then work together to plan actions to make these changes and implement them over a period of time.

What techniques does a mindset coach use?

Business mindset coaches are usually skilled in a range of neuroscience and therapeutic techniques including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), approaches from TLT (Time Line Therapy) Emotional Freedom Techniques in addition to traditional coaching and mentoring practices.

I work to gain a deep insight into your values, beliefs, behaviours and the resulting emotions responses as these are the main conscious (or subconscious) reasons that you’re not achieving what you want. Once we’ve worked out what’s holding you back, we’ll work together to shift these barriers and replace them with new thoughts to help you move forward.

Examples of barriers to success:


  • “I’m too old for success”.
  • “I don’t have the skills to make a business successful”.
  • “I don’t deserve success”.
  • “I need to work more hours to be successful”.
  • “No one will want my products/services”.


  • You wait for customers to come to you, rather than look for them.
  • You don’t accept invitations to network because you feel awkward.
  • You imagine having success, but don’t take proactive steps towards it.
  • You ignore problems in the business instead of tackling them.


  • When you think of your business now, you might feel overwhelmed, lost, doubt, frustrated, and stress.
  • When you imagine how you would like your business to be, you might feel scared, excited, motivated and a sense of achievement
  • The mindset coach will help to bridge the gap between these two mindsets and also to realign your values and beliefs and emotions to make the latter compelling

What does a mindset coach need from me?

The main thing that I will need from you is honesty. It’s crucial that you’re honest about your thoughts and feelings so that coaching can be effective. You also need to be open and coachable to the process which may feel vulnerable as we look at your values and beliefs and actions in new ways.

Mindset coaching works for those who:

  • Want to make positive and lasting changes.
  • Feel stuck and want to move forward.
  • Find you’re repeating behaviours/habits or getting the same results
  • Know what you want but can’t see to take action to achieve it.
  • Have lost momentum.
  • Want to discover your purpose and have complete clarity on your aspirations.

We will speak on a one to one basis, on a regular schedule that fits within your business obligations. Don’t be under any illusions, this process will be challenging, and I will push you to look into your own behaviour and help you to find the best ways to move your business forward.

In between our sessions, there will be practical and written exercises for you to complete. This will help you to cement the knowledge and skills gained in our sessions and to help implement them within your business. Also, I’m always available via WhatsApp for questions and concerns.

If you’re considering Mindset Coaching, please get in touch. I’m always happy to have a chat about the process and how it can help you.