Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadership Coaching?

In a nutshell leadership is art of getting from where you are now to where you want to be whilst taking everyone else with you. So coaching part is taking all the best bits and making them even better. Fine tuning your techniques, discovering the best, most resourceful and elegant process available. It’s why I have a programme call Leadership by Design.

My leadership coaching ALWAYS starts with the focus on you the leader. Understanding what and how you do what you do together with the results you are getting, both effective and less effective. Great leadership starts with how well you lead yourself. This means how you motivate and inspire yourself as this will be how the world experiences you.

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Why pay for a coach when I’ve got friends and colleagues?

Seriously to employ a ‘confidential thinking partner who’s job it is to focus solely on you, giving unbiased and frank feedback is invaluable when you are talking of peak leadership performance. The coaching space is an environment where it free from judgments and expectations of the Boardroom. The lofty heights of leadership can be isolating, and personal life can easily become entangled in the business. When one is out of kilter it hangs heavy on the other. Finding a way through these high expressed emotional times needs time and space if we are to continue to lead extraordinary businesses.

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Do you guarantee getting results?

Those who engage the services of a leadership coach tend to take their business seriously. These are the thought leaders, those who want more from life and are willing to explore hidden or untapped paths in order to achieve the next level.

The coaching relationship is built on trust and openness. The more willing you are to explore alternative thinking patterns and beliefs the more transformative your experience. The clearer you are with what needs to change the more likely you are to guarantee getting it. What is the saying “you get what you focus on”? Never dismiss the power of desire.

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How will leadership coaching help my business? 

Listen is stressful out there and no one can afford to sit on their laurels and expect the rewards to flood in. Successful business must have direction and purpose. That means having real clarity on where you are taking your business. The clearer the direction the greater the resilience your business will have, not to mention you and your team. Leaders are those who set the course and communicate the vision. Having effective and resourceful leaders driving your business will contribute to having a healthy, high performing workforce and lucrative company.

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How can leadership coaching help me?

Self-leadership is where it all starts. It’s where you realise your own personal power and influence over your future and outcomes. Where you get to know yourself fully and grow in confidence and courage. When you master self-leadership, you master your life and create a sense of stability and balance.

Leadership coaching can be confronting and will uncover underlying beliefs and attitudes which may well be the cause of tensions in your role. It will however lead to helping you gain new insights to tackle them and move beyond the blocks. The idea is you will be supported throughout the process of self-discovery, whilst you build new strategies and levels of confidence

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Is leadership coaching confidential?

In the majority of situations, yes is the answer. If you are being sponsored by your Company or Employer, they may ask for feedback just to confirm your ongoing engagement, but you would know that from the outset. Anything short of a disclosure which indicates concerns for your safety or the safety of others, all sessions will remain completely confidential unless express permission in writing is given by you.

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How often are the session?

That depends on you and the gap between where you are now and the place you want to get to.

The entry level offered is a one-off session designed for those who want to focus on one specific block or problem. However, commonly for those wanting to really leverage and improve their leadership skills we start with 6 sessions over a three-month period. This gives the coachee time to explore their thinking and what drives their current behaviours. The time between sessions allows them to establish their new strategies and experiment their new approaches.

Because it is such a personal service, we always like to have a complimentary call first to make sure we get clarity and understand of your outcomes and discuss the options available.

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There are no rules. Many business owners will put the invoices against their books. Those who work for organisations or companies as an employee will negotiate coaching as part of their contracts. However, individuals regularly engage coaching to enhance your career opportunities and to help them settle into a new leadership position.

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