Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom Technique


Initial Consultation 1.5 hours £100.00 and follow up session are  from £50.00 per hour

Double session can be booked from £80 for 2 hrs

For the more proactive and serious Clients who want to make significant shifts in their lives a six week programme would be not only cost effective and offer a comprehensive outcomes. Prices are on request.

What is EFT?

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians as used in traditional acupuncture to treat emotional aliments but without the use of needles.EFT is a brain/body/emotions reprogramming technique where you tap gently on different parts of the body with your fingertips while you repeat a phrase out loud and pay attention to your emotions.

Who is it for?

EFT has found to be very effective on the relief of low mood, anxiety, trauma based emotional issues, phobias, chronic pain disorders, smoking and eating habits,You will be encouraged to and have the ability to continue with self-treatment between sessions.

How is it delivered?

Using your own fingers you will be shown a pattern of Tapping with your finger tips on meridian pointsâ on your own body to releases energy blockages that cause negative emotions such as anxiety. Such blockages are thought be connected at the root of many of our deep-seated problems and pain.