Busting the but's


My training courses have been developed with you in mind. My aim is to give you the knowledge and skills to start living the life as the best version of you. To experience the freedom of being you and valuing yourself and your contribution to the world; and all without overwhelm, fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs. This course has been developed to give you the inner core strength and confidence to show up in your life.

 Confidence is often referred to as a state of being and to have self-confidence is to have an internal feeling of comfort or reassurance in oneself. Life is a stage metaphorically speaking and everyone will get nervous and experience stage fright at some stages or events in their lifes performance. However for many this may be few and far between and it certainly does not feel it adversely affects their life, for many it is the opposite. You may be somewhere on this continuum.

Have you found yourself watching people around you questioning how do they do that, how brave they must be? Or hear yourself say I wish, Or I would love too but ?

Have you found yourself holding back from invitations or missed opportunities because of this lack of self-confidence.

Have you turned down invitations to dinner?

Have you got tongue tied when speaking at events or interviews?


Then now is the time to take action 90% of success is all in the turning up, if you like what you see the last 10% is small change in comparison.This is for anyone of any age and any profession who has found themselves questioning their place or position in professional or personal life.For anyone who wants more out of their life.


A very full practical day of busting buts!A course manual of all the topics covered and skills to take away for the rest of your life.

Refreshments during the day with light lunch (normally vegetarian).

Follow-up telephone call from me to check on your progress.

A further email within 4 weeks.A certificate of recognition and attendance.This course will have limited spaces in order to keep the group small and maximise the learning potential.