This was never going to be your typical business owners conference or leadership training event. The Business Owners Master Mind Boot Camp was designed as a mind-changing experience specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners and leaders.

Behind the scenes video

These are individuals who recognise that success starts with oneself, so challenging those unconscious patterns of behaviours, beliefs and attitudes which hinder business owners progress daily. Replacing them with fresh new thinking, purposeful strategies, and crystal-clear vision on your future was the mission.

I do strongly believe in maintaining the human element to all my work so, the inclusion of emotional resilience, stress management, relaxation, personal courage, and work-life balance sessions made for a holistic approach to self-leadership.

Together with personalised guidance and 121 coaching during these sessions and outside of group sessions gave a greater insight into the depth we covered in our sessions. Participants described these sessions as both grounding, liberating and uplifting experiences.

This Business Retreat / Business Owners Boot Camp is unique in that it serves as a beacon of growth focusing on the person behind the business. Bringing together business owners and entrepreneurs who aspire to greater things and create their legacy.

This is an investment and one you can’t afford not to make. You are the first and last voice as a business owner, you must rank yourself and your development higher than it is now. It is an investment that pays off in terms of business growth but also personal growth and it happens all through the discovery and understanding of self-leadership. I can safely say that those business leaders who attended were serious about impacting on their business and have left with their sights set on new heights.

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