Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 44; 2019

 Stagnation, procrastination, defeatism, self sabotage...having a 'bad day' ? 

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 43: 2019

 In pursuits of your dreams you must go slow enough not to miss your perfection and your success. 

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 42: 2019


Just how determined are you?

Will you be bedding down with satisfaction tonight?

Fridays mindset...where might you be if you are willing to engage?

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 41:2019

This morning we are with the fraud squad!! No not the ones with exciting jobs...the one with the most incredible gifts to learn and share.

There are just somethings in this life you can't learn by reading a few chapters in a book, how ever well written. Imposter syndrome is result of not leading by example, earn your badge and the rewards.

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 40 : 2019

 GOOD LORD that's not good look!!

What is you reason for not showing up?
You will have one or more...all very plausible.

On Saturday I watched as 35+ ladies walk into a room ...some had travelled up to 9 hours to get there. These ladies showed up!

What would you be willing to show up in this life?

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 39: 2019


Lacking in enthusiasm...motivation? End of year figures have been done and they do or don't reflect your efforts?
Whatever you do you don't feel you are making a difference?

Yup... we are back talking about getting back into the game!
Be in it to win it... isn't that what they say?

If you feel switched off or feel like your world has been put into sleep mode. You may find this self coaching technique useful for a gentle reboot?

It might be the exact thing that could reengage you with your purpose?

Personal Development and Self Coaching mindset 38: 2019


Today we discuss the jewel in the crown of any self coaching situation.

In the world where we discuss 'touch points' , 'flash points' , 'triggers' and 'hot buttons' in any situation to find answers to causes.

Free yourself to make a choice, decision or opinion on something without the weight of the world slowing you down.

I never read the newspaper for the same reason...miss reporting and carefully edited to highlight drama.


personal Development and Self Coaching mindset 37: 2019


What are your biggest complaints and moans about right now?

Too tired to.....
Need a break from.....
If only.....

Ever thought you may actually have the solution or tools already to help you with these areas? Its all in self coaching, and yes it takes consistency and practice if you really want to release these issues.

Listen today to how many people use the above to reason why they haven't done something? give them some feedback?

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Personal Development and Self Coaching mindset 36; 2019

Things that go bump in the night!

personal development and Self Coaching mindset 35: 2019


This could be a magical day for you?
Be like a black bird...

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Personal Development and Self Coaching mindset 34: 2019


Tempting fate!

Out of the most unplanned meetings, conversations and by chance happenings comes great surprises.

Not everything in life can be predictable or outcomes be guaranteed. This can put many of us in a less than comfortable situation...but could re framing how you think of things open up a treasure trove?

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Personal Development and Self Coaching mindset 33: 2019


This week started with knowledge and lessons to take away, and it will conclude in the same way.

I want to encourage you not to fear expressing your opinions. To use your voice with the messages and gifts you have to share.

There are more people in this world than you are ever likely to meet in a lifetime. .

Never explain yourself when challenged...just because someone is shouting does not make their opinion right. 

Personal Development and Self Coaching mindset 32: 2019


Staying in the saddle!

1/2 terms, hell or heaven? 

Many of us will repeat the saying we 'work to live' and 'knowing your WHY'. But do we live and operate in alignment with these sayings?

This is not about being an earth mamma or a she devil...this is about recognising in your in your life; it's about balance.

We are already super heroes️ that no amount of money would actually truly reflect the value we add to society.

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 31 : 2019


Today we have an eclectic mix to bring the week to a crescendo and start the weekend with a blast of acceptance!

How has your week turned out?

What are the main standouts, spotlights or things you put in your window that sum up your week?

Lets get that weekend mindset right and lift that energy...are you willing to consider it?

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 30 : 2019


Our past does not define our future however, it does inform it. Depending on your awareness and desires, it can absolutely be the best thing that ever happened!

I always loved the quote...the perfume of a rose is released when its been crushed.

Now how much can you relate to this. You see it's not your past it's how you release your perfume in response to it that absolutely counts

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 29 : 2019


When we have the foresight to consider the positives in every situation, every conversation, every action and interaction it changes and alters perspective.

when we change our perspectives, we change our thinking and this in turn will impact on our behaviours and response to what lies ahead.

If we are viewing our pathway from a position of curiosity...opportunities show up. We can decide they are not for us or we can accept and receive with both hands.

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 28 : 2019


Perfect timing for this session with a weekend of opportunity to stretch your super powers.

The fact we are part of the human race means you have this super power...however you may just be giving it away?

It's the human innate urge to be connected. We are born connecting to others for our physical and emotional needs to be met, so why does this; in so many of us get pushed so far down on our basic needs.

Personal Development and Self Coaching episode 27 : 2019


Today's live has come from those emotional discomforts many of us would rather not experience. Many people will self medicate with alcohol, substances, legal and otherwise rather than experience these physically distressing feelings.

Change, Chance and Predictions are the topic of our discussions today as they are happening around us as common as the air we breathe without issue...until we become conscious of them and then we react.