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Embracing your edge is what you will do when you work with me.

Liz Smith
Liz Smith

I know first-hand what it’s like to doubt your ability, despite being in positions of responsibility, leadership, and being the decision-maker.

I understand the feelings of guilt and failure when you can’t quite be everything to everyone and you can end up feeling used, put-upon, and never being really good enough, paralysed by the dread of failure and feeling vulnerable.

Those times you lay in bed ruminating about not speaking up and questioning, what could you have done better, why didn’t I put myself forward, even to the point things felt, to be frank, ‘unfair’. I remember all of those too! The internal mutterings about being stupid or ridiculous and believing that success didn’t happen easily for people like me … all I had to do was work harder and longer hours? Does any of these sound familiar to you?

Let me introduce you to The Guru Company. The Guru Company was conceived in 2018 so more people like you can take the same opportunity as me to embrace your edge. What does this mean to you? It means you accessing freely, a compelling and unshakable inner confidence. It means having the ability to show up and own your right to lead fearlessly and to live your life permission-free.

After finding my passion in working with the human mind. I studied it professionally as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and gained a first-class honour Degree in Nursing; I went on to have a successful 26-year career in the NHS as a Nurse and as an Operational Manager.

I came across Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 2003. I perused my studies after seeing the transformational outcomes I was getting for my patients. I took my passion to trainer level, which just exploded my understanding of working with people. I had the great pleasure and privilege of, developing and leading the training packages of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for the NHS Foundation Trust I worked for at the time. I trained Psychologists, Nurses, Consultant Psychiatrists, Care Workers, and a Pharmacist with amazing feedback.

I have seen the results that can be achieved by understanding your mind, and how it works for and against you. Now you can master techniques and learn to use it powerfully to change your performance and life, as I have.

I have an absolute obsession with change and seeing success in others. My job satisfaction comes from being part of someone achieving life-long dreams, results.

I set high standards for myself. Those high standards are reflected in the coaching, mentoring, and training courses I offer you. I have had the opportunity to reprogram my mind, how I think and responded to stress and pressure. The knowledge and training I have gained now allows me to live my life without seeking permission. I aim to share the same transformational process and strategies with you. You can master the same skills and knowledge, which will change your outlook and performance in business and life.

I won’t pretend the process is without challenge but I can guarantee it is life-changing.

My mission is to teach you to lead yourself. To manage your mind fearlessly by building compelling inner confidence.