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6 Month Self-Leadership Coaching

Gain real clarity on your vision

Understand your blind spots

Gain in confidence

Find out what makes you tick

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This 6-month coaching package is here for those who want real traction and clarity on their visions and goals. They truly want to maximise their potential by firing up their natural leadership abilities.

We will discover the areas which are holding you back. Old fears and paradigms that have become so habitual you are unaware of their hold on you. We will clear these out of the way in order to build a clear vision of where you want to be and who you need to become to make it reality. It is powerful and we will work fearlessly to get there.

If you have got a huge unbelievably great goal and don’t want to shrink it but find yourself challenging your worth or you’ve have lost your courage or enthusiasm to keep going, then this is perfect for you.

You may be at a crossroads and feel you are procrastinating over making a decision. Even simple decision feel like they are a drain on your energy.

Together we can put everything back into perspective. Probably re-ordered and prioritised so you can set clear compelling visions and identify an exciting plan with goals you want to take action on.

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When you master our natural leadership qualities you start to lead yourself, your businesses, and others with ease.

You start to love what we do and the process of doing it.

You start to embrace the power of your vulnerability and not having to know all the answers. But embracing the freedom and hedonism of curiosity.

These focused 6 months will reconnect you with what’s important to you and with this focus will concentrate your success.


Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to make sure this is a good fit for what you want to achieve.


A thorough understanding of human thinking.

I am fearless in my curiosity to understand and get to the root of a problem

A passion to change the life of those in leadership positions.


  • Commit to protecting and scheduling time in your calendar for our meetings.
  • To implement all agreed changes
  • Come prepared with your outcomes and results for discussion.

£409.00 per month (NO VAT)

(Payment options can be discussed.)

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