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12 Month Self-Leadership Coaching

Stay focused and on track

Reduce the isolation

Confidential sounding board

Master stress and overwhelm

Stay motivated

Push your limits

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Self-leadership is at the heart of every successful business. Business and leadership are often the most solitary paths you can walk.

You hold the responsibility for keeping so many people going. People, staff, customers, suppliers, family look towards you for making things happen.

It is not easy to get yourself to do what needs to be done to grow and excel in business.

In the cold light of day you cant lead a successful business or others if you can’t lead yourself first.

Burn out, work-related stress, and overwhelm are very real and destructive emotional experiences. High achievers and those who choose to lead are at risk of all of them.

Having an accountability partner means someone is watching your interests and is there to share the stresses and strains with you. They are there to off-load and work through situations, so they do not build up.

Do you find yourself having the same conversations and getting no traction? There is a great quote that says “The same thinking that got you here won’t get to you there’.

You need someone to stretch your thinking. You will need to hear the truth if you are going to grow as a business leader.

In order to keep building, you need to keep stretching and pushing boundaries whilst still maintaining all the balls in the air.

An outsider can keep you concentrated and motivated when the energy is running low.

You won’t always want to be given the answers but be offered choices or alternatives to create your own answers.

It’s always uplifting to have someone in your corner, interested in your success, and to share the happiness in victories!

Everything becomes easier in your business when you develop stronger self-leadership skills.

Does it make you perfect?…No

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The challenge

The other view points

The reminder of why you said you wanted to do this.

To show you the mirror.

I will keep you grounded when life throws the curve ball in.

The confidential drop off point.

I will bring the ease back into leading


  • As always, your time once a month for 60minutes on TEAMS

£275.00 (NO VAT) Paid in 12 monthly instalments

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