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Liz Smith

Delivering Mindset Mastery exclusively to the business owner.

Accessing your true potential to uplevel your performance.  


Grounded - The importance of being or knowing how to get grounded is often forgotten in our busy lives, you’re not alone so don’t let that inner critic berate you. You may even think it is all a bit ‘woo-woo’ but when you study the skills involved in emotional intelligence and the performance of top leaders you will find grounding will be a high priority.
Many coaches forget or just pass over this bit in their eagerness to move their clients forward. Yet in my opinion I believe it is possibly one of the single most important elements of gaining clarity for making those important decisions and choice you make daily.
Being able to ground yourself changes your performance, your mindset for the day, alters your outlook on situations, improves your health with the ability to contain and control stress and manage your responses in difficult situations.


Unabridged - One of the sayings I have found to be true than true over the years, no matter who you are, what walk of life, or role you hold … is, that the mystery is always in tucked away in the history. This is why unabridged is so important to us here to include as one of our core values. If, just from a moment, you view your lifes as your very own ‘story’, ‘novel’, ‘memoire’, ‘legacy building mission’; With Chapters containing important espidodes, life changing events and decisions etc then you will understand that the unabridged version is the one that will not be cut short, that will leave no stone unturned, in its quest to seek true meaning and understanding. We will go off the beaten track, because its where mastery, freedom, and inner confidence is nurtured and grown.


Resourced - As a business owner and leader the onus is on you and that can be overwhelming, lonely, stressful and truly exhausting. You will have times where ‘things’ just came together effortlessly, that despite being tired you got the great results? This will be you when feeling ‘fully resource and in your flow’.

When you have this level of inner confidence you become a great leader and find you attract and inspire others around you who offer support. We believe that everyone has all the resources they need and working together we aim to highlight, strengthen, own and master them.


Uplifted - There is a true sense of freedom which comes from feeling uplifted and which has a certain dynamisum and charisma as a sideffect. It’s a great experience to be able to lift your state and your mood when you notice your lights might be dimming and energy is running low. It’s about having embracing having clarity over certainty and understanding your mission is more valuable than the goal. It sounds odd but goals can be a burden and hold you back.

“it is only when we are suspended in mid air with no landing in sight that we spread and unfold our wings” C.JoyBell .

Whether it is about letting go of feelings of guilt, regrets, memories of past hurt, or learning to laugh with yourself? Who would you be and how would it impact on the World around you as a leader?

Coaching and mentoring the minds of business owners and leaders, inspiring exceptional performance.

Leaders and business owners are in a different league to the rest of the human workforce, in my view. They are the ambitious people who decided that the status quo was not for them. They go against the grain. Whilst the regular workforce avoids challenge, risk, and accountability. True leaders and business owners see a bigger picture and have the vision in their sights. They are the ‘boundary scouts’ of the success map. Leaders in business are about results, they push themselves to extraordinary limits to explore possibilities.

This does not mean they don’t feel the ‘loneliness’ of leadership. That they don’t question their abilities and experience vulnerability. They are not immune from hitting the glass ceilings in their pursuit of success.

As a leader in business or a decision-maker, I fully appreciate the overwhelm and stress when managing multiple priorities. I am passionate about coaching leaders and helping them to manage the decision fatigue they experience in their lives and businesses more effectively.

Are you ready for a change?

You probably spend many nights and hours critically thinking and questioning “what I could do better”? Like most, you have internal chatter questioning whether you’re good enough or got it in you?  Do you believe that success just requires you to work harder and longer hours?

Look at some of these questions and read them aloud, do they resonate?

At the end of the day do you feel you’ve been underproductive?

Do you look at what you offer and see value?

Do you get excited by the new day?

Research into human behaviours, tells us that 95% of us by the age of 35 are a memorised set of habits. Stuck in patterns of unhelpful behaviour that need to change if you are going to avoid burn-out, aka self-destruction.

I am here to help you find and implement long-lasting success through my Breakthrough Coaching and Leadership package. Helping you to change your belief systems. Installing new thinking strategies, beliefs and find confidence in leading yourself by:

  • Gain flexibility and control over your emotions and inner thoughts.
  • Create a life free of prolonged stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Have confidence and have self-worth.
  • Gain a better work/life balance.
  • Develop a better headspace with the ability to think more effectively, make decisions and work efficiently.
  • Feel able to speak up and express your feelings.

You have all the answers to achieve all of this you just need to declutter your mindset and help to find yourself. This is where leadership mentoring and coaching from The Guru Company’s 4 pillars framework comes into its own.

How I can help – leadership coaching services

My coaching and mentoring the minds of business owners and leaders service includes:

All coaching and mentoring packages are bespoke to your requirements and work with your schedule. We work together in confidential coaching sessions to give you clarity. Your mindset is the biggest change agent for your business and leadership success.

Private Coaching and Mentoring for the minds of business owners and leaders

If you’ve ever felt like you are trying to nail jelly to the wall

I have significant experience as a registered mental health nurse within the NHS. I have held those senior strategic leadership roles. I am passionate about helping people to get the best out of themselves and their lives. I work with clients to understand the whole picture of their situation.

I give you the space to offload. Talk about your concerns and work to find practical ways to free yourself from unwanted baggage. We develop the strategies to move forward.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, decision-maker, or leader considering transformational leadership coaching, get in touch for more information today.

Helped Bring Me Back.

“You've helped bring me back to myself and given me the tools to stop me falling back into my own head moving forwards”.

Chris. London UK (6 sessions Mind Management)


Really Positive Experience

“It was a really positive experience and I emerged much more confident, feeling in control and I came out of the most testing process I’ve engaged in.”

Richard. Deputy Director. Norfolk UK


Highly Recommend

“I can and will highly recommend you as someone to confide in, learn and repackaging your own thoughts about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential, to look no further, than your good self!”

Neelam Sultan. Norfolk UK


Immense Difference

“The coaching and support I received from Liz has made an immense difference to my progress over the last few months, with the first stages of my business. She is flexible in her approach and moved around my changing needs”

J.T. Norfolk UK


Immense Difference

“After a full session with this beautiful lady my fears and inner turmoil’s were literally put to bed. She got to the core of my problems very quickly and helped me with solutions in tackling them going forward”

L.A. Birmingham UK


Immense Difference

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you have helped me achieve. Everything finally feels like it’s falling in to place and I’ve done all the things I said I would and wanted to achieve".

L.M. Norfolk UK


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